LALHS Catalogue

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Category Link Subject Reference
Churches, Chapels CH
Education ED
Parochial Schools ED/Par/
Private Schools ED/Pr/
Primary ED/Pri/
Secondary ED/Sec/
Further - college/university ED/Fur/
History H
General H/G
Prehistoric H/P/
Roman H/R/
Saxon/Medieval H/SM/
15th & 16th Century H/15c/
17th & 18th Century H/17c/
19th Century H/19c/
20th Century - general H/20c/
20th Century - World Wars H/WW/
21st Century H/21c/
Ashton Court H/AC/
Housing, Planning & Development HPD
Industry & Occupations IND
Farms IND/F/
Mills IND/M/
Pubs IND/P/
Research Station ND/RS/
Shops & Businesses IND/Sh/
Other IND/O/
Leisure & Social LS
British Legion LS/BL/
Cricket Club LS/C/
Footpaths & Open Spaces LS/FOS/
Guides & Scouts LS/GS/
Horticultural Society LS/HS/
Local History Society LS/LHS/
Long Ashton Players LS/LAP/
Sports LS/Sp/
Village Association / Community Association (LACA) LS/VA/
Village Club LS/VC/
Women's Institutes LS/WI/
Other LS/O
Local Government LG
People P
Family Names P/FN/
Records P/R/
Services SER
Health & Welfare SER/HW/
Library SER/L/
Police & Fire Services SER/P
Water Supply, Sewerage, Gas & Electricity SER/WS/
Other SER/O/
Transport & Highways TR