Archive and Resources

The LALHS has been fortunate to find a safe home for the growing collection of manuscripts, photographs and cuttings that have been donated since the Society was founded in 1988. This has meant that the process of indexing and preserving items is well under way and that interested parties can apply to access them.

A recently prepared catalogue (in the menu under LALHS Catalogue) reveals the breadth and significance of the collection.

Two of the most important resources in our archive were generated by our own members. Estune, the Society's magazine, was published in 10 volumes at roughly 2 year intervals between 1991 and 2011. In total, it amounts to several hundred pages of unique information about Long Ashton. Roy Pullin and Ruth Poole were the driving forces behind this publication.


To give anyone who is interested a sense of the wonderful content that is contained within these pages, the LALHS has prepared an index that may be helpful.

Roy was also part of the team that documented burials at All Saints Church, producing a detailed map and 4 indexed books alongside it.


If you are trying to find out something about Long Ashton and think we might be able to help then feel free to get in touch. Likewise, if you have a photo, document or account connected with the village and would like to know that it will be carefully catalogued and preserved as well as appreciated by others, then please contact us using the online form.